Every Piece Has a Unique History

Brampton 150 year Ash Tree

In 1853, a small agricultural fair was set up by the then-new County Agricultural Society of the County of Peel, and was held at the corner of Main and Queen Streets. Grains, produce, roots, and dairy products were up for sale, a precursor of today's Brampton Farmers' Market. The market was centered on a small Ash  tree which was one of the few areas of the market that provided shade their customers. This agricultural fair eventually outgrew the Ash tree and moved to a new location.

More than 150 years later


Brampton is now the 3rd largest city in Ontario and unfortunately many of the beautiful  Ash trees that lined the original downtown area have succumb to the devastating Asian Beetle. Due to the infestation most of the 150 year old trees which provided a unique ambiance to downtown Brampton had to be cut down. Unfortunately the Asian beetle had penetrated and rotted the core of most of the trees and relinquished them to be used as firewood however, we were fortunate enough to repurpose and transform one of the few remaining  trees which were healthy at the core.

Tree History

I  was excited to see the unique Ash tree and while completing his thorough inspection of the 80 inch diameter tree using a metal detector, he noticed something extremely unique and exciting.  More than 30 layers beneath the tree, but still 20 inches from the centre were four nails all greater than 100 years old. This suggests that at one time the farmer may have had used the tree trunk to perhaps hang a sign promoting his produce.  Little did the farmer know that one day that same tree would have children climbing on it, have a clothesline nailed to it , or just used for shade in the summer. These trees also however created some carnage over the years. Our Ash tree alone was the culprit for over 50 insurance claims due to large branches falling on vehicle and property.

The Transformation Possibilities

 Allow our craftsman Jimmy , to transform this treasure into a spectacular conversation piece  and meeting place for your family and friends to gather for their meals, or simply as a smaller showpiece within your home ,centre piece for your home.Combination of nature elements:wood,glass,metal will give each piece new life.